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Garden of Eden Solid Perfume English Lavender 3grams

Garden of Eden Solid Perfume-English Lavender-Set of 2- 3grams

Experience a covetable new way to capture your favourite perfume. The concentrated solid fragrance is made with natural essential oils and bee wax. Ideal for travelling, it can be taken anywhere and at anytime you need to touch up your perfume.

Ingredients: Natural Essential Oils, Wheatgerm Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Extracts, Beewax and Vegetable Wax.

Buy 4 English Lavender Perfumes and get 1 FREE Sample- 5 solid perfumes in total- SKU: GEL2


Buy 2 English Lavender Perfumes with NO free sample- 2 solid perfumes in total-SKU: GEL

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